“The IPGS is a great way to meet new people in Perth - we play some great courses in a relaxed atmosphere.  Especially when arriving in Perth for the first time, it provides a great opportunity to make friends and ensure you get out on the course at least once a month!  The lads do a great job of organising the events, providing great prizes and a range of formats for each event. I can't recommend IPGS highly enough” Alex Harper

“The IPGS is a legitimate gem of an organisation. The guys have made it possible for golfers of all levels to access some of Perth’s best golf courses. Over the last year they have not only provided us with an event a month, with great competition and prizes, but we are now affiliated to Golf WA and each member of the society can benefit from having a Golflink Handicap. I for one will be staying involved for as long as I am in Perth. I look forward to the year ahead” Ross Maher

“You may travel far far from your own native land,
Far away o'er the mountains, far away o'er the foam
And of all the golf courses that I've ever seen
Sure there's none can compare with the speed of Perth’s greens

Take the freeway down south, fine sights you'll see there
Though the rough at The Cut will give you a nightmare
And the wind at Kennedy Bay can certainly be mean
While Meadow Springs is another lovely 18.       

It's a nice place to be on a fine summer's day
With an icy cold beer after the days play
You’ll have craic with the lads cause they’re all very sound
So it doesn’t matter how you went in the round.

Fare thee well to the wet gear, fare thee well for a while
And to all the fine courses I'm leaving behind
For the next while anyway when I’m hitting the tee
It’ll be in the Irish Perth Golf Society” David Lynch